From Our Hands to Yours: A New Era of LP Packaging

From Our Hands to Yours: A New Era of LP Packaging - Light Provisions

Ok, here we go again. Light Provisions is tweaking its packaging, yet another plot twist since our 2021 rebrand.  That was when we introduced new brand colors, typefaces, and transitioned from a single jar to a travel tin and bespoke crystal glass tumbler.

Turns out, candle life is full of surprises. Labels peeling off like they're shy, seals breaking up with us (really, who ever heard of sealing a candle?), boxes denting, scratching, and really just rubbing the wrong way. Every mishap has turned our customers into our unintended R&D team, a mixed-blessing for sure. 

Over the past seven months, we've collaborated with our buds at Fixer Creative for a "facelift" of LP packaging. Our crystal glass tumbler now comes in very sturdy, recyclable, and reusable paper tubes. It's solid (go ahead, try squeezing it!), not hand-folded, and saves us precious time in assembly. You'll also find beautiful foil inlay on the text and logos, engaging scent descriptions on each label, and more.

Our tins haven't been left behind, either. They now feature updated labels and, thankfully, no seals. Feel free to open and explore any scent - it's your God-given right. Plus, every scent, whether in tins or tumblers, is clearly marked with its collection name: Flagship, Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer.

Now, for a bit of a humble chuckle: we've been measuring volume by water weight, not wax. Yes, we were as surprised as you are (unless you’re actually smart, then feel free to tell me “duh” along with a fun fact in the comment section). Turns out, wax is a bit more 'buoyant' than water, at precisely 80-95%. With this newfound science, we've recalibrated our labels for honesty and accuracies sake. Tumbler labels have been adjusted to 9.5 oz, and tins at 4.76 oz, but the burning experience and time? Unchanged.

So here we are, excitedly rolling out these updates, hoping they'll not just meet but perhaps amuse and delight you. Your feedback is our north star in this ever-changing candle saga.

Happy (and hopefully label-peel-free) burning,

Brett from Light Provisions


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