Like a bear in winter, our candles too have their seasons of slumber. Depending on the time of year, certain scents might be "hibernating" for the season, or discontinued forever.

Consider this your spoiler alert: check back here periodically to avoid FOMO and find out when your go-to candles are scheduled for their beauty rest—or if they've taken their final bow.


Spring & Summer Collection 

Available during the months of March - Sept

  1. Fig & Sage
  2. Grapefruit & Moss
  3. Juniper & Sweetgrass
  4. Elderflower & Driftwood 


Fall Collection

Available during the months of Sept - Jan

  1. Harvest
  2. Dry Leaves & Cardamom
  3. Pumpkin & Oud Wood


Winter Collection

Available during the months of Nov - March

  1. Winter Pine
  2. Amber & Eucalyptus
  3. Red Tea & Sandalwood

Special Edition

Special Edition scents are limited-release candidates for our Flagship or Seasonal Collections. They're like pilot episodes for our collections —released to gauge interest before earning a spot in our regular lineup. If you find a scent particularly compelling and wish to see it stick around, your input is invaluable. Reach out to cast your vote; your feedback may just turn a fleeting scent into a flagship mainstay.

Special Edition: Summer - 2023

    1. Palo Santo & Ginger
    2. Thistle & Birch
    3. Beechwood & Leather
    4. Sagebrush & Willow

    Special Edition: Autumn - 2022

    1. Smoldering Sage
    2. Tobacco Leaf & Nutmeg
    3. Patchouli & Tonka Bean

    Special Edition: Winter - 2022

    1. Anise & Evergreen
    2. Bay Leaf & Smoked Vanilla
    3. Bitter Orange & Clove


    Discontinued Candles :

    1. Bergamot & Black Pepper - 2023
    2. Bouquet - 2017