Crafted from a deep appreciation of well-rounded cocktails, a passion for earthy scents with nuance and narrative, and a love of exceptional design, at Light Provisions, we strive to be purveyors of light, warmth, and a welcoming community.


Our story starts in 2015, when we moved into an old Victorian house on a quiet street in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It was charming, it was full of character, it was...dark.  With scarce natural light, it became quickly obvious that our home desperately needed some ambiance and aromatherapy.

A visit to local stores left us disappointed and empty handed. The candle options were either cloyingly sweet, way too floral, or overwhelming by way of some unidentifiable musk. In the interest of finding a more artisanal solution, and with a deep belief that a beautifully made candle can instantly add warmth and a cozy sense of hygge, we decided to make our own.

After curating a library of natural fragrances, followed by months of diligent burn testing, and a lot of burned fingertips, we arrived at an alchemical combination of quality and sensual experience and put the first LP candle out into the world (that was Lavender & Balsam in case you're wondering). 


Our candles continue to be handcrafted using house-blended, natural smelling fragrances before being hand-poured into vessels intentionally designed for both a beautiful reflection and sustainable reuse.  

Whether you light our candles to set a peaceful tone for meditation, to add ambiance to an evening playlist, or illuminate the friendly faces around your table, we hope you feel grounded by a sense of place and connected to all those who have come before you.