We believe in tidying up after our digital footprint, not just our physical one.

 The invisible spectrum of carbon emissions from ecommerce deliveries is more than just a blip on our radar - we take it personally. That's why we champion the unsung heroes, those trailblazing companies boldly hoovering carbon right out of the thin air.

In our collective endeavors, the businesses that have rallied to our cause have… 

  • Removed more thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provided carbon-neutral shipping for more than millions of orders

Here's how it works: For every online order we rack up, we dust off our mathematical hats and calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on that calculation, we allocate a slice of our revenue to carbon removal outfits. These aren't just any outfits; they've been given the scientific seal of approval by the astute folks at Carbon Direct.

These game-changing companies then get to work, scrubbing away the carbon equivalent of our shipping emissions. Wondering about any surplus funds? They go directly into the exciting frontier of developing even more sophisticated carbon removal technologies.

Let's meet a few of the companies removing carbon from the sky.


Imagine if we could enhance Mother Nature's ability to capture carbon? That's precisely what Heirloom's direct air capture technology aims to do. It significantly speeds up the carbon mineralization process, a natural phenomenon where CO2 from the atmosphere binds to minerals like limestone and turns into rock over geological timescales. Limestone, one of the planet's most abundant rocks, captures massive amounts of CO2 over years. Heirloom's technology accelerates this natural process to just days, allowing earth's natural minerals to more efficiently bind with CO2.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on energy-intensive fans to draw in air, Heirloom's approach is more harmonious with nature, focusing on efficiency rather than brute force. By combining the best of engineering and nature, Heirloom has developed the most affordable and scalable Direct Air Capture technology in the world.

Learn more about Heirloom Carbon here



Remora has developed a system that snares CO₂ directly from the exhaust of semi-trucks while they're on the move, earmarking the collected carbon for long-term storage. Alongside this, Remora is collaborating with innovative companies that have the ability to convert this captured CO2 back into diesel. As these transformative technologies reach market readiness, truck fleets will have the capability to deposit their collected CO2 at facilities like truck stops and distribution centers. Here, the once harmful CO2 is then recycled back into diesel, creating a renewable fuel source. Thus, these trucks can refuel using this cleaner, greener diesel, showcasing a perfect example of circular economy in action.

Learn more about Remora and check out their awesome demo here


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Materials like corn stover or wood chips undergo a transformation when heated at extreme temperatures in an oxygen-free environment. This breaking down of organic matter yields three distinct products: biochar, a solid substance; bio-oil, a thick liquid; and biogas, a manufactured gas. Engineers can customize the outcome by manipulating the speed and heat of the process. One intriguing aspect of pyrolyzing devices is their self-sufficiency; once ignited by an initial fuel source like diesel, they can sustain their operations using the biogas they generate.

Taking this concept a step further, companies like Charm are innovating in the field of carbon capture. Charm uses plants to absorb CO₂ from the air and transforms this biomass into a stable, carbon-rich liquid—essentially a form of bio-oil. This liquid is then pumped deep underground, making it a permanent removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere. This strategy also keeps the carbon sequestered away from potential threats like wildfires, soil erosion, and changes in land use. Since completing its first bio-oil injection in 2021, the company boasts of having permanently removed around 6,200 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Learn more Charm here

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