Glass & Tin Vessels

Sip, scoop, or store - your call!  Sculpted from lead-free crystal and designed to outlive your candle's final flicker. Once purged of wax, Our house designed bespoke tumblers are ready to serve cocktails, cradle scoops of ice cream, or even play keeper to your cutlery.

glassware containing cocktail


Our Traveler Tin candles are forged from a single sheet of stamped tin, and are what we might call champions of sustainability. With a passport for infinite recycling, they make their round trips without a trace of virgin materials or the carbon-heavy baggage that comes from mining and processing fresh material. 

traveler candle tin


We are always changing and evolving how our packaging for shipping can better suit the environment. If you have any suggestions on improvement, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Listed below are a few things we often include in all of our shipment packagings, from consumer to wholesale orders:

- Recycled and recyclable boxes

- Biodegradable and compostable corn starch packing peanuts and pads.

While these nifty peanuts are water-soluble, attempting to dissolve them in your sink could turn into a riveting performance of 'Water Wastage: The Musical'. We've got a cunning plan to spare both your conscience and your water bill. Why not introduce these peanuts to your loo's grand swirl? With every flush, add a handful. That way, they hitch a ride with water that was already destined for the aquatic beyond, bidding adieu without causing any unnecessary drain on your resources.

bowl of biodegradible packing peanuts


- 100% recycled and recyclable kraft void paper.

-100% post-consumer recycled paper air cushions that are recyclable, compostable, and feature a potato starch based adhesive.  

- 50% post-consumer recycled bubble wrap and/or bubble wrap that is reused from previous shipments (we try not to purchase brand new bubble wrap unless it is made from recycled materials).

-On average, at least 50% of our void fill packaging (peanuts, bubblewrap, etc) is recycled from orders placed with our suppliers.  If you place multiple orders with us, the void packaging is often different.  Consistent? Not really. Earth friendly? Absolutely.  


*Click here to learn more about brands we support that are removing carbon from the atmosphere, with each order through Shop Pay.


**Click here to learn more about our membership with 1% For The Planet, and which climate focused non-profits we're supporting.