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Bringing light to dark places & warm spaces

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Bespoke Glassware

Crafted by artisan glass blowers and carefully designed to create brilliant light and memorable gatherings.

Small Batch

Each collection is hand-poured by humans in our candle workshop located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Narrative Notes

Our fragrances are meticulously selected and blended in house, so each candle scent tells its own distinctive story.

This candle is the best candle I’ve ever had. I bought on a trip to CO years ago and ended up searching this company to order more. I love the smell, the candle holders are now our cocktail glasses, and the company has fantastic customer service. Every candle we have bought is unique, perfectly scented and a treat. Life-long customer!

Jamie | Lavender + Balsam

These candles have the perfect amount of scent. Many other candles are so strongly scented that I feel I need to place them in the other room where I can't enjoy the light. These can be burned nearby where I can enjoy the flickering in my peripheral vision.

Brienna | ROSE + FIR

First of all, the new glasses are just stunning. There's a huge difference in the thickness, and when the candle is lit, it casts such gorgeous light and the flame looks huge. Onto the scent, this is a warm, subtle lemon scent. It's not strong or medical/industrial, and the cypress grounds the lemon in a manner that isn't overbearing at all. Beautiful.

Tanya M. | Cypress + Lemon

When I burn Oak and Currant my space is transformed. It's my go-to candle to burn whenever we have people over and everyone always mentions how incredible our home smells. It's also my go-to candle to gift my friends and family. Please keep making this candle forever! <3

Olivia S. | Oak + Currant

This is my favorite candle I have ever purchased from anywhere. It smells somewhat similar to piñon, but more rich and deep. It fills the room without being overpowering. I love it and would like one on hand at all times!


This candle is amazing! It embodies the autumn season that I love (but is often too short in CO). I love that when the candle was finished I could use the glassware in my home (which I am currently sipping wine from as I write this review).

Brittany | Harvest
SINCE 2015

Purveyors of light, warmth & welcome

Mesmerized by a flame flickering in the darkness, humans have kept fire for millennia as a way to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Light Provisions was created to honor and stoke the flames (pun intended) of that age-old tradition — gathering 'round the warmth of a fire to reflect and reconnect to stories that remind us who we are and where we come from.

Whether you're setting a peaceful tone for meditation, adding ambiance to an evening playlist, or illuminating the friendly faces around your table, we hope our candles help you feel grounded by a sense of place and connected to all those who have come before you.

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