About Light Provisions

Founder Brett OwensLiving in an old Victorian home with poor natural light and five college-age roommates, it quickly became apparent that we desperately needed some warm ambiance and better scents. Unfortunately, the only candles available on store shelves were either too sweet, too floral, or some unidentifiable musk (what is that stuff anyway?). As someone who appreciates things that are handmade and well designed, I thought it would be in everyone's best interest to give candles a shot.  What came out of months of burn testing and collecting a library of fragrances are candles that we were very proud of. Like a great cocktail, candles that are careful blends of multiple scents, complementing each other in their own unique way.

Crafted out of respect for exceptional design, well-rounded cocktails, and remarkable scents, Light Provisions was created.  Beyond candles, we strive to be creators and purveyors of light, a lifestyle that supplies warmth and creates community.