How can I earn & redeem rewards?
Simply create an account or login to your account. You can earn points for purchases, birthdays, and reviews, as well as coupons for referrals. Learn more on our dedicated rewards page.
Do my points expire?
Yes. Your points are valid for 8 months. If there are no purchases or redemptions made in that 8 month period, they will expire. We will send out a handful of reminder emails before that happens.
I already have an account with Light Provisions, am I automatically a member?
You bet! If you logged in to Light Provisions with Shop.Pay, then your points should load on that account. If you have a regular account with us, then your points will be on there as well.
Is there a limit to how many rewards I can earn?
Nope! Just as long as you make a purchase or redeem points with that 8-month period.
Can I combine my rewards with a discount code or with other sales / promotions?
At the moment, rewards can only be combined with free shipping, which activates automatically for orders over $100 (within the US).
Do I have to be logged in to get rewards?
Yes. You must login or create an online account through or through Shop.Pay
Additional questions?
feel free to reach out to us at
Notes about Rewards Club changes
Light Provisions reserves the right to vary any or all of the terms of Rewards Club, to amend the terms and conditions, or to terminate the program, at any time without notice and without further obligations to users, including, but not limited to, modifications which: govern points earned on and after the date of the change; or change the value of already accumulated points or coupons. Notice of any such changes, amendments or termination will be provided to users via message or email, or by being posted on LIGHTPROVISIONS.COM and will be effective immediately, unless otherwise stated in the notification.