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Perfect for Fall! Not overly pumpkin heavy!!

Grapefruit & Moss Candle
Ana Martinez
Great scent Grapefruit Moss

Amazing fresh crisp aroma. Not overwhelming. Lingers for the right time.

Beautiful scent

I love this scent. It smells beautiful and light. Some fir/pine scents, and rose for that matter, can be overpowering and this one is not - it's a perfect blend and a perfect strength.

Grapefruit & Moss Candle

This is my favorite LP scent! Love it!

Perfect candle

Cyprus and Lemon is the ultimate morning candle. (Does that make sense? Does anybody else have scents they prefer at different times of day)?

I light this in the morning when I'm reading, writing or making music and it smells perfect. Thanks for the recommendation, Brett!


I used to live with both eyes shut and hack away at wicks with a pair of kitchen scissors, but now I'm wide awake. With the wick trimmer the cut is way more even and my candles last much longer than before.


I'm obsessed with this lighter. It's unique, it's reliable, it's easy to refill and it feels like it's built to last. Gone are the days of losing 1000 BIC lighters a year, I'm gonna hold onto this one.

Rosemary & Cedar Candle
Sharon Corbett
Lovely scent

This is a lovely subtle scent, not overwhelming and nice! Sorry I didn't respond before but I hadn't used the candle. I tend to use them more in winter.

Campfire Candle
Monica Beauprez
Best scent EVER

I used to not light candles. I thought the scents were too "girly". But campfire proved me wrong. I think I've bought 10 of these over the years. You won't be disappointed. Campfire is where it's at.

Grapefruit & Moss Candle
Monica Beauprez
JUST the right about of "sweet"!

My husband and I love lighting this scent for a cozy night in... especially in the autumn time! Makes our whole room (actually house for that matter) smell amazing. Sweet, but also citrusy. The perfect fresh combo! Thanks, Light Provisions.


This scent is a classic. Just enough lavender to be soothing but not overpowering, and the balsalm balances it out so well


This scent is absolutely perfect , a dreamy sutle rose forest

Fig & Sage Candle
Amazing scent

This is my favorite scent! The layers of the sage, rosemary and fig are so calming and cozy. I would absolutely love this in a room or body spray.

Perfect gift idea

My wife and I enjoyed this candle so much, we decided to gift it to our entire staff as Christmas presents. They're thrilled! Lighting it in our homes instantly makes us feel like we're in the middle of an East Coast forrest enjoying warm cider with friends. Thank you Light Provisions!

Perfect for nighttime creative writing!

Light Provisions scents are the best, thank you! I'm a writer by trade, and have found using this candle spurs creativity that's otherwise difficult to channel. I was also impressed with the speedy shipping and prompt customer support when I needed it.

I've placed this candle in our mountain airbnb for visiting guests, and they love it! The scent encapsulates a breezy summer day in the Rocky Mountains perfectly. Perfect gift for friends and family. Thanks Light Provisions!

Perfect for cozy fall days

My wife and I LOVE lighting this candle during any season. The scent makes us feel cozy while we relax on the couch with our favorite book. We've given away several of these candles as gifts and everyone loves them. Highly recommend!

Juniper & Sweetgrass Candle
Great service and response!

Have placed two orders online and really appreciated the speedy service. And when I had a question, received a prompt and personal response. Proud to support a small Colorado candle artisan.....

Good find!

Happy to find this candle adhesive that I could no longer find locally. A good product that is long lasting. Delivery was accurate and prompt! Thank-you Light Provisions!

Unique Tobacco Notes

Like most other Light Provisions scents, this one is quite elegant and warm. I don't get any smoke or charred scents which I appreciate. There's definitely a warm, honey-like scent in addition to some sweeter tobacco notes. This is a great scent for fall or cooler days.

Lavender and Balsam

I have a hard time finding a candle that is not overpowering or doesn't give me a headache. I asked Brett for suggestions and he immediately answered and suggested this candle. He was so right. These are also the only candles I have found that don't set our air purifiers off! I am trying to wait patiently for the spring candles to come out.

Bitter Orange & Clove Candle

Two of my favorite scents blended together. Great throw that drifts throughout the home. You are making wonderfully, thoughtful candles, and this is one of my favorites.

Supportin' the local team

I may or may not have too many candles, especially Light Provisions candles. So when my partner won't let me buy any more candles, but I still want to support local, these shirts are they way to go.

Bonus: their branding is killer, the shirts are super soft, and the off-white has an aged look that really goes with anything.

Winter Pine Candle
Perfect winter candle

This candle smells incredibly cozy and the scent lasts even after it is blown out! This is isn’t your everyday evergreen candle - it is refined and complex. Burns like a dream and I love re-using the vessels :)

Winter Pine Candle
Perfect winter candle

This candle smells incredibly cozy and the scent lasts even after it is blown out! This is isn’t your everyday evergreen candle - it is refined and complex. Burns like a dream and I love re-using the vessels :)