As members of the worldwide organization, 1% For The Planet, we're committed to donating at least 1% of our net profits to vetted environmental nonprofits within the 1% FTP network.  This year's current roster of nonprofits we're supporting are: 

Solar Aid

Solar Aid is tackling two urgent global challenges: climate change and global poverty. Our approach is both simple and effective - we harness the power of the sun to provide affordable and clean energy to communities and organizations in need across Africa.

What sets us apart is our unique charitable model. We have developed a local market that enables us to reach places and people that traditional markets often overlook. This approach empowers our beneficiaries by giving them ownership of the solar lights they receive. We firmly believe in the power of trade, rather than relying solely on aid.

In 2008, we established our social enterprise called SunnyMoney, which has become one of the leading distributors of solar lights in Africa. Our dedicated SunnyMoney Agents venture into remote rural communities, ensuring that clean and sustainable lighting options are accessible. This is a significant improvement compared to the previously prevalent, unhealthy, and expensive alternatives such as kerosene lamps and candles.

Unite to Light

Unite to Light manufactures and distributes efficient, durable, and low-cost solar lamps and solar chargers to individuals who lack access to electricity. Since 2011, they have successfully delivered 200,000 solar lights to people in 80 countries. Their primary focus is on initiatives that support children's education by enabling nighttime reading and studying. Additionally, they strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide essential tools to midwives for life-saving interventions, and extend aid to those affected by disasters and homelessness. As a US-based organization, Unite to Light also possesses the capability to distribute solar lights to homeless communities throughout the United States.

Rocky Mountain Field Institute 

The Rocky Mountain Field Institute is a nonprofit environmental organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of public lands in Southern Colorado. RMFI is committed to protecting and enhancing the ecological health of our land and water resources by completing projects focused on watershed restoration, forest health, and creating sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities. By prioritizing the involvement of community volunteers and youth, RMFI envisions a world where our work fosters vibrant and healthy natural systems that are respected and cared for by the public.



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